Dewan Tyres undergo stringent quality tests upon production. They are put through a series of examination like plunger test, wobbling test, endurance test etc. on sophisticated testing machines to ensure quality, safety and durability of the tyres.

  • Endurance Test: Tyres are subjected to 50% higher load than recommended to determine their life and load bearing capacity.
  • Plunger Test: Tyre carcass is subjected to a testing machine that penetrates it in full force to determine its strength.
  • Dry Braking Test: Tyres are tested for the distance travelled after applying emergency brakes.
  • Wet Braking Test: Tyres are tested on wet surfaces for road grip when brakes are applied.
  • Wear Resistance Test: Tyres are subjected to carry heavy loads in actual riding conditions both on road and off road for durability testing.
  • Wobbling Test: Tyres are subjected to an advanced wobbling test for ensuring rides without bumps and shakes

Cool Compound Technology: Developed by our R&D team, DEWAN Tyres come with a unique compound that prevents them from overheating, gives extra grip and stability while brakes are applied made with natural rubber, processed oil, silica, carbon black, accelerator and other additives, the homogenous mixture undergoes various processes like component preparation, tyre building and curing.

The end result gives us an innovative tyre that delivers nothing less than the best endurance, safety and performance.

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