mr. Vivek Dewan-Managing Director

“Be ready for the wheel of success”

Change is what remains always constant when it comes to the high paced technological advancements. Today, be it tyre manufacturing or any other industry, new trends are taking the center stage.

At Dewan Group, we have an able team of professionals at the helm of affairs. We aim to provide superior quality products to our customers and contribute to a clean environment through unmatched technology. In fact, keeping in tune with the concept of product-as-a-service, we try to nurture a seamless experience for all our stakeholders through quality work-life systems, innovative production techniques and socially responsible actions.

By providing our unique flagship products which include tyres and tubes in different categories, at minimal cost and leading the way in technological development and value, we contribute to the manufacture of environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and robust range of tyres which leads to a sustainable future. Additionally our extensive sales network and customer service orientation bring a lot of value to the market base.

The automobile industry is geared up for change with new industry norms, electric vehicles, concept based designs and decreasing margins. We at Dewan Industries have a vision to have its global presence in the future and gradually be a leader in the international market by setting new benchmarks of quality with our customer’s safety and comfort as our top priority.

We seek your commitment and cooperation!