Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being – Dale Turner

We truly live by the above adage and consider environment and society as the pillars for growth of a company. We convert scrap tyres and tubes into swings which are installed at vicinity Government schools to provide learning opportunities for the marginalized sections of the society. It also takes care of the physical fitness of the children as we run training programs to motivate and up skill teachers for conducting creative games and exercises by using tyre tubes. The school furniture is also sponsored by the company with innovative use of tyres. It not only enables efficient management of waste but also fosters education, health and mental well-being of the kids.

The education wing of Dewan Group is consistently running sanitation and hygiene programs in several Government schools at nearby villages to promote the concept of ‘Swaccha Bharat’ and ‘Education for All’.

Many other programs are in the offing to promote holistic health and societal development in the neighboring villages.

The unused and scrap tyres are converted into furniture, planters, chandeliers and other masterpieces etc. through organic paints and kept in sunlight to dry naturally on the lines of environmental sustainability.